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2D and 3D Shape Activities

Let’s talk about shapes!

I LOVE when we learn about shapes! It is so much fun because it’s hands-on and students are better able to discuss shapes because they seem them every day!

Why? Shapes are hands-on, engaging and there is a ton of children literature and activities you can do with your students. They can build the shape with toothpicks or playdough, go on a shape hunt, play BINGO (who doesn’t like a game of BINGO), shape riddles, and sort shapes by attributes!

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Sort Worksheets – No Prep!

Sorting should be a skill that your students 1) enjoys 2) can do independently and 3) rigorous. I have made Sort It Out NO PREP resources to meet all of those goals! These packets require NO PREP…NO LAMINATING…NO STAPLING…NO 1 TO 2 SIDED PRINTING…Just print and teach!

These sorting worksheets get amazing feedback from people that use them so I’m going to show you the many ways you can use them in your instruction!

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Solving Word Problems Using Multiple Strategies

Solving word problems can be tricky at any grade. There are many prerequisite math skills (i.e., counting, using math vocabulary words and have a strong number sense foundation) that students need to solve a word problem. We know that students learn and grasp concepts differently so a plethora of resources are needed to meet the needs of each student.

How many times has this happened to you? You show students a word problem and give them time to solve it. You walk pass their desk and glance at their papers. If the student answer is correct, you keep going. If it is incorrect, you stop and try to figure out how they got the answer they wrote. Did they not understand the word problem? Did they add when they should have subtracted? Did they think about what makes sense because their answer doesn’t even make sense? Did they understand what they were reading? Is the answer wrong because they didn’t understand the question?

I asked myself those questions too! So, I made these Solving Math Word Problems Using Multiple Strategies worksheets to help students be more independent by supplying them with the resources they need to solve word problems! Read More