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Build and Write Phonics Cards

Build and Write Phonics Cards

Knowing how to spell and recognizing spelling rules will aid students in their reading AND writing abilities. That is why it is so important to provide students with opportunities to learn these skills during literacy instruction.

Build and Write Spelling Cards is a hands-on approach to teaching students phonics.

Build and Write is very simple and easy to use! Students look at the picture, build the missing letters and write the word. When they are done, they flip the card over and check the spelling. If it is correct, they move on to the next card. If it is incorrect, they erase and rewrite the word.

Phonics Built and Write

Build and Write – Ending Sounds

Build and Write – Medial Sounds

Build and Write – Self check

These cards are perfect for literacy centers, small group instruction and academic intervention in a small group setting.

Build and Write Cards

To differentiate, have students work on the spelling patterns that matches the instruction you provide.

Build and Write – Digraphs

Here’s a list of Build and Write Cards: beginning sounds, ending sounds, medial sounds, CVC words, digraphs (CH, TH, and SH only), r-controlled vowels, diphthongs and long vowels (MAGIC E words).

Build and Write Set

Students start with beginning sounds and transition to harder skills as you teach them.

Build and Write – Beginning Sounds

If you don’t want to cut and laminate all of the pieces, you can put them in a binder using a sheet protector.

If you don’t have magnetic letters, you can still use this resource. One way you can use it is I have included alphabet letters and a mat. You can laminate and cut and add velco pieces and students can use it.

Alphabet Letters

If you don’t have time for that (I completely understand!) you can have students use a dry erase marker and write the missing letters and write the word (and you wouldn’t have to worry about missing letters!)

Build and Write Phonics Cards

Build and Write Phonics Cards


Click here to see:

Beginning sounds

CVC Words

Ending sounds

Medial Sounds


Long Vowels


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