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Beginning Sounds Game

This blog post is about a free resource I am giving you to use to help your students learn their beginning sounds!

Teaching beginning sounds is a lot of fun with little learners! Once they know their beginning sounds, they will be able to use them to help them figure out unknown words in a text. They can also begin to add labels to their pictures and write sentences!

Beginning Sounds game using magnetic letters

Beginning Sounds game using magnetic letters

Beginning Sounds Game – How to Play

About the cards – you get one picture card for each letter.

Before you play the game, you are going to have to print, laminate and cut the cards. Then, you need magnetic letters – 1 letter for each letter in the alphabet. If you don’t have magnetic letters, you can write the letters on a sheet of paper and cut them out.

To start off, we sing an alphabet song that says the name of the letter and the sound. I have posted some songs that are catchy and your students might enjoy.

Beginning Sound Song

Beginning Sound Song #2

Then, I pass out the letters and tell my students to line the letters up in a row so they can see them clearly. I then have them say each letter name (great way to quickly get them to practice letter identification!)

I pick one card and place it where everyone can see it. Then, I get SILLY!! If it is a picture of a DOG, I would say, “this is a picture of a OG.” Of course, the students giggle and they say “dog” and I say that the words read “OG” and ask what should I do to fix the word so it says dog.

They know that we say the word slowly (ddddoooogggg) and say the first sound that they hear. Someone says “D” and then I ask “who has the letter D?” and the student with the letter D puts it at the beginning of the word. We play this game for a few rounds until everyone has several turns.

I hope your students enjoy this game as much as my students enjoy this game!

Click the image to access this resource. Enjoy!

Beginning Sounds Game FREEBIE

Beginning Sounds Game FREEBIE

Happy Teaching!






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